Best rendering settings for your hardware!

Rendering… Where do you start? There is no quick and easy answer to this question. And there is no answer that will fit all hardware combinations out there. There is no ultimate formula to determine your best settings. Finding the … continue reading.

Creating a floor plane on which to drape dForce clothing

1. DForce garments will continue to drop until they meet a hard surface or the length of the garment is reached. Therefore, you need to add a surface plane for the fabric to drape against. The following will create a … continue reading.

Equine dreams – loading and posing the figures and sheetz

1. Load both the DAZ Horse 2 and Victoria 7 into the scene without moving either. You can use other Genesis 3 figures, but the Sheetz might have more poke through. (See Image 1) Add the mane, forelock, and tail … continue reading.

DAZ Contents

If you buy videos, Photoshop brushes, and other content that is not for use in DAZ Studio, it will still show up in the Install Manager. When you try to install it, you will get an error message that the … continue reading.

How to load DAZ products from third-party vendors

I have had several people ask me if the different generation products are compatible. The answer is, “It depends.” The Install Manager will not install content bought from anyone but DAZ Studio. For those wishing to or have already bought … continue reading.