Are DAZ items compatible across generations?

The answer is, “It depends.” First the good news!  Victoria 4/Michael 4 (V4/M4) clothing can be adapted for Genesis 2 and Genesis 3 figures. This is accomplished using the Autofit feature in Daz Studio. The results vary, but mostly work. … continue reading.

Using skin materials across genders and generations

Did you know that you can use one figures skin materials on any other figure in that same gender and generation? So if you want different skin tones or makeup, look to see what other characters offer. If you use … continue reading.

Posing the eyes on DAZ character

Many of the preset poses adjust the eyes. In my opinion, too often the eyes look as if they are crossed or one eye is “lazy.” I almost always reset the eyes and adjust the gaze with the Pose Controls … continue reading.

Using clothing from different DAZ generations

Here is a quick render of a G3 Female with G2 Male clothing and hair added using autofit. Four more images are added showing the process. The steps are: 1. Select the figure 2. Double click on the outfit piece … continue reading.

What are the differences between textures, materials, and shader presets?

Texture can refer to a couple of things. It’s the jpg used to give the 3D product surface colors and textures when developing a new 3D model. The first image on the left is the completed product for the Heilong … continue reading.