How to find the freebies on the DAZ 3D shop!

Let’s make it easy: Click here to see what’s free at the Daz 3D Shop today! (bookmark it!) Other ways: To see what free items are available in DAZ Studio, scroll down to just below the two rows of “What’s … continue reading.

Breaking down the item categories in a DAZ render

I’ve labeled the categories for each item used in this image. Note that the suit and shoes are for Genesis 2 on a Genesis 3 figure. They worked beautifully. Find the figures used on the Daz 3D Shop here. And … continue reading.

Combining characters to create a new one

You can create new characters simply by combining the ones you have in different percentages. Below are the original Genesis 8 character and a new character created by adjusting sliders. You can then add the skin from any character owned, … continue reading.

Trick to render one area of body

To render just one part of the body is a bit tedious as I’ve not found a way to hide all selected items. The key is to hide everything on the Scene tab one at a time except the part … continue reading.

How to zero a pose using parameter tab

Don’t like a pose or part of a pose you’ve created? Zero it without changing anything else you’ve done to the figure. You can zero a pose on the Parameters Tab or from the edit tab. To zero the whole … continue reading.