October 2021 Shift Art Photoshop Challenge is Closed!

Theme: Under the Sea!

Let’s get deep! This month’s challenge is all underwater. Rivers, lakes, or oceans: what imaginative scene is happening in your subaqueous world? Be creative! You can go traditional with a sunken ship full of treasure, or totally wild with a sea-life birthday party (complete with clown fish). Thrill us with krackens or mermaids! Is that octopus painting 8 canvases at the same time? We can’t wait to see what is happening when we peer beneath the surface!

Bethany’s Pro Tip:

Create your own bubbles! On a new layer, use a hard round brush with white paint to create different size circles wherever you want bubbles. Then choose Bevel & Emboss from the fx button (or from Layer Style in the Layer menu). Choose Inner Bevel and Smooth, then play with the depth, size, and angle of light. Make sure your Highlight Mode is white and has some opacity, but then change the opacity of the Shadow Mode to 0. Click on the Stroke effect. Set the size to just a few pixels at a low opacity with white paint. Click OK to close out the panel.

It will look like you haven’t done anything to your circles, but now change the blend mode of the layer. Darken or Multiply look great, but Overlay and Soft Light give cool results too. You can change the opacity and fill for different looks. Or click back into the effects to make modifications. You can even add Color Overlay to change the color. Have fun with bubbles!

Top Prize:

An Individual Summit of Choice with Lifetime Access!

The winner of this challenge will receive an individual Summit of choice with Lifetime Access. All individual Summits are available for active Summit Members. This prize will give you lifetime access regardless of your membership level.

Top Runners Up Prize:

A Lightroom Presets Pack of Choice

First Runners up will receive a Lightroom Preset pack of choice from PSD Stack. The Lightroom presets are created by Bunty Pundir, a top Shift Art instructor and contributor. Bunty is also the creator of PSD Stack.

2nd Runners Up Prize:

Second runners up will receive a Texture collection pack of choice from CJM Texture Collection.

The Rules:

Below you will find the rules as well as the images to be used in your composition. Entries will be judged by Caroline Julia Moore, Bethany Perron, and Andrei Tallent.

Special Challenge Rules:


Standard Challenge Rules:

These general rules apply to all Shift Art Challenges.

  • All entrants must be Shift Art members. Join for free here.
  • Entries must be received by midnight on October 15, 2021 U.S. Pacific Time (UTC-8).
  • You must use a minimum of three Pixabay images provided in the download packet.
  • Previous challenge winners are welcome to participate in all challenges.
  • Entries featuring violence, hate, pornography or any other content deemed inappropriate by the judged will be disqualified. The decision to disqualify an entry is entirely at the judges’ discretion and is not negotiable.
  • You may use any of your own assets/images as long as they are under public domain, or if you have full commercial rights to them. This includes textures and overlays. See our article on finding images for ideas of where to find images.
  • Only one entry per member, per challenge.
  • Upload your entry image as a JPG with a width of 1200px on the longest side. Images with smaller dimensions will not be accepted. Maximum file size is 50Mb.

All images on this page, and in the challenge assets for this challenge, were provided by Shift Art Shop, or found on Pixabay.

This challenge is closed.

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Pixabay images included as assets for this challenge:

Check out the images below for your creative piece!