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I love the Tutorials which are in both video and also note form which makes it easier to follow the steps the Artist took in creating the piece.

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Fire Starter, tutorial by Gail Edwards.


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Every digital artist, whether seasoned or just getting started can learn something at Shift Art! The tutorials are first-rate and provide so many learning opportunities. Helpful hints and more can be found in the articles. The monthly challenges offer a way to spark your creativity. You can’t go wrong by becoming a member!

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I love the Shift Art site! It is engaging, informative and inspiring! I look forward to the regular challenges, really enjoy the tutorials and appreciate the special offers and discounts made available from some really great suppliers. I visit the site regularly just to see what’s new!

– Cheryl, member since December, 2015


What else does Shift Art offer?

Ice Dance, a tutorial by Andrei Tallent

Exclusive artist interviews with popular Photoshop artists.  Get inside the artist mind and read about the process of creating a piece of art.

Challenge yourself! Participate in the monthly Shift Art Photoshop challenge for a chance to win prizes and bragging rights. 

Photoshop and art related articles. Find out what’s new with the latest Photoshop version and find out where to get your stock images from.


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