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What if you could confidently create amazing artwork whenever you wanted to?

Imagine quickly doing an extraction and placing it on your background, and then flawlessly apply just the right techniques to bring it all together!

Imagine doing piece after piece, and quickly seeing huge improvements in your artwork.

But let's face it... there's A LOT to learn. Especially if you want to expertly apply the perfect techniques at the perfect time.

There's a multitude of adjustment layers, blend modes and tools.

Then there's extractions, masking and all the special effects you can pull off!

It can be downright daunting to face all this, especially doing it alone!

Enter the Summit experience!

With Summit you'll be joining hundreds of fellow artists, all on a quest to learn everything they can to improve their art!

What's Included with Summit?

NINETEEN Summits (and counting), each with 5-10 videos!

AND, you'll get a new Summit EVERY MONTH!

Matte Painting

In this Summit we take a close look at creating new custom backgrounds by blending images together! We cover what to consider when selecting images, and we go into blending with Masks and Blend Modes. PLUS, watch the workshop with Matte Painting expert, Bunty Pundir!


In this exciting Summit we look at all the major ways to light your subjects and backgrounds! From simple overlays, to more complex highlight painting we cover it all! Plus, watch our Workshop recording with Caroline Julia Moore.

The Robert Cornelius Method

Watch how Robert Cornelius creates his incredible style. Learn all the steps from beginning to final product. This Summit includes image assets for you to re-create Robert's piece, AND don't miss the incredible Workshop recording with a lesson from Robert Cornelius.

Master Curves

Curves. Probably the most powerful adjustment layer in all of Photoshop! In this series of videos we explore all the wonderful possibilities, starting with basic contrast, and ending with advanced concepts like correcting color cast and adjusting individual R, G, B curves.

Painterly Effects 1

In this Summit we look at some super cool ways to create the look of oil paintings. Guest artist Vibeke Alvestad Johansen treats us to her method for creating an artistic sketch and you'll see how to build up a paint effect using a stack of brush stroke overlays!

Painterly Effects 2

In this second installment of Painterly Effects we focus on using brushes for creating effects: Mixer brush, art history brush, and even the smudge brush can all be used for some really cool effects!

Artistic Landscapes

There is MUCH more you can do with a landscape besides straightening the horizon and adjusting the contrast! How about telling a story by adding one small element, or adjusting and adding light to create the mood you want your viewer to feel? We cover it here!

Master Extractions

Extractions are essential for creating compositions or sky replacements. In this series of videos we cover all the main methods of extracting a subject from the background. We compare different methods and even a popular extraction plugin!

Master Brushes

There is so much more to brushed than soft mask blending! Learn the huge variety of brush controls and brush dynamics. Find creative brushes like grass and snow and HAIR. Plus, learn how to create your own custom brushes and how to organize them!

Color Grading

In this exciting Summit you'll see how to use color to finish your pieces and create amazing moods and ambiance. Learn the combination of colors used in Hollywood action movies and learn WHY they use them.

Finishing Touches

After spending enormous amounts of time and energy on extractions, lighting and composition, it's time to think about adding some finishing touches to your art! We spend time looking at adding atmospheric effects, adding custom vignettes and focusing attention with selective coloring and lighting.

Advanced Compositing!

By far one of our most exciting Summits! We bring together FIVE top Photoshop artists and challenge them to create compositions using the SAME starting elements. Check out their results and watch a video by each of them showing how they did it!

Blur & Sharpen

You might be surprised at how much you can do with blurring and sharpening! You'll learn how to use a variety of Photoshop tools and a ton of fun applications, like artificial motion blur and selective sharpening for focus and special effects.

Special Effects 1

Ever wonder how to transform a portrait into pop-art, or a pencil sketch? You'll learn that along with some fun effects like the "glitch" effect and pseudo HDR. Plus, find out the origin of half-tone effects and how you can use it creatively in your art!

Special Effects 2

This is really a continuation of our Lighting Summit as we look at cool special effects with light! Find out how to create fireflies, sparklers, lens flares, bokeh and more! PLUS, find out how to make a cool light orb for your model to hold!

Portrait Effects

Have some fun with portraits! You'll learn to create amazing effects like skin cracks, gold skin and porcelain skin. Caroline will also show you how to create a conceptual portrait using Dodge & Burn. BONUS: how to create an exotic tiger woman!

Photo Effects

Here we examine effects that simulate different cameras and dark-room exposure. Learn how to create high-key, low-key, Polaroid and LOMO effects. Also, see how cool bleach bypass, cross processing and vintage effects can be!

Plugins & Camera Raw

Our BIGGEST Summit to date with a whopping TWELVE videos covering a ton of FREE plugins for stock photos, fractals and textures. Caroline gives us a thorough look at the ins and outs of the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop! PLUS, a bonus video on using the Flame Painter plugin.

Water Effects

This Summit is just pure fun! Find out how to blend in water splashes, adding rain, and reflections using displacement maps! We also take a deep dive and look at adding lighting and bubbles under the surface.

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I’m quite good at PS, but I still learn something every day. The tutorials are beautifully crafted . . . and having the text below is absolutely brilliant, because if you’ve forgotten some detail, you don’t have to run through the tutorial again – you can just skim down the text.


Shift Art is a wonderful place to be if you want to learn from some of the most talented digital artists in the industry. Amazing tutorials, lovely art posted daily by members, and an art challenge once a month to stretch your growth! I love being a member of this group!


Every digital artist, whether seasoned or just getting started can learn something at Shift Art! The tutorials are first-rate and provide so many learning opportunities. Helpful hints and more can be found in the articles. The monthly challenges offer a way to spark your creativity. You can’t go wrong by becoming a member!


Seeing amazing works of art deconstructed in a way that is easy to understand encourages me to try new things. Getting a clear idea of the thought process the artist went through in creating the work helps me realize that it’s possible to take what I see in my minds eye and make it visible to others.


It has taken me awhile to get started, but here I am, and I am hooked! Summit is AWESOME. I looked up from my work to see that it is 5am and I have been at this all night. This is my first try at anything like this, and I am looking forward to doing magical things with my own photographs, as well as following along with the materials provided within the tutorials. I had no idea how magical this could be. Limitless!!! Thank you to the team that is Shift Art!

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