Ever wish you could MASTER PHOTOSHOP and go deeper with it than you ever thought possible?

Imagine exploring exciting Photoshop skill sets in an immersive and supportive environment, including guided practice, challenges, valuable feedback and LIVE Pro training!

Join this revolutionary immersive skill-building program today and you’ll quickly progress towards Photoshop Mastery — all while collaborating in an exciting artistic community and having an absolute blast!

Stop Wandering, Find Your Path!

Do you find yourself scratching your head after watching a Your Tube video covering some snazzy Photoshop effect? Do you find yourself a bit lost and unsure about whether you really got it, how to practice it, how to incorporate it into your art, how to get feedback and tips about how to do it even better?

Well, what if I told you that you can approach learning Photoshop in a deeper way? Let me guide you through learning new Photoshop skills, show you how they’re applied in multiple ways, help you practice the skills in effective ways, and then get input from peers and experts to make sure you got it!

The Climb Towards Mastery...

After learning the basics of creating art in Photoshop, I yearned for a community of fellow artists who were as eager to elevate their art as I was. I wanted to be part of a digital art tribe where I could share my excitement and continue to learn new skills in a productive way.

This is what led me to create Shift Art Summit. Creating this program represents a culmination of knowledge gathered not just from creating my own art, but by working closely with dozens of top artists, picking their minds and carefully studying how they create their magic!

Shift Art Community Members Share Their Love!

Engage Your Mind.

With our unique approach to learning Photoshop skills, you'll find many opportunities to fully engage with the process. You'll engage with your instructor, you'll engage your mind with challenges and finding ways to apply your new knowledge to your art.

Join Your Tribe!

When you enter each monthly learning cycle, you'll be in a cohort of artists going through the same learning process. You'll be part of an active and vibrant artist community where you can share your work and offer support and encouragement to one another.

Immerse Yourself!

Immersion learning allows you to learn at a hugely accelerated pace. By diving into just one main topic for a month, you'll come out the other end with a valuable skill that you are completely confident with, and that you can easily incorporate into your own work.

The Summit Monthly Learning CycleHow It Works

1. Learn

In phase one of our learning cycle you'll watch the new Shift Art Photoshop tutorial of the month. Then, you'll explore one skill in much further detail in your unique Summit videos, showing you everything you need to get started! You will be able to come back to these videos at any point if you need.

2. Practice

At this point you'll need to roll up your sleeves and get to practicing! To help you stay focused, you'll be presented with challenges to encourage you to create great pieces to showcase your new skills at work! You'll always find a challenge suited for your skill level in this cycle.

3. Feedback

After finishing your challenge creations, you'll post them on the website and/or our private Facebook group to get feedback from your instructors and fellow artists. This process allows you to get perspective on your progress, and find out where you might be able to improve with more practice or a change in approach.

4. LIVE Webinar

At this point you will be ready to meet our featured Photoshop artist of the month in a one-hour live online workshop! Here we will answer questions posted by you in advance, review the skill, look at examples including some of your work, and explore any further advanced tips.

Mega Bonus: Over 120 Pro Photoshop Tutorials!

Join today and get instant access to our entire collection of Pro level Photoshop tutorials!

  • Over one hundred and twenty pro caliber tutorials by top Photoshop artists!
  • Learn how top artists like Clinton Lofthouse, Caroline Julia Moore, Robert Cornelius create their magic!
  • Create your own versions of the tutorial images and upload them to our member gallery!
  • Video tutorials are accompanied by text and screenshots, so you can succeed regardless of your learning style.
  • Unlimited Access! Enjoy 24/7 streaming to all tutorials - revisit at any time!

"I’m quite good at PS, but I still learn something every day.  The tutorials are beautifully crafted – lots of little fast bits where it’s repetitive – and having the text below is absolutely brilliant, because if you’ve forgotten some detail, you don’t have to run through the tutorial again - you can just skim down the text. "

Marilyn, Shift Art Member

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    "I love the Tutorials which are in both video and also note form which makes it easier to follow the steps the Artist took in creating the piece. Being able to participate in the Challenges each month with the same set of images as other members is a real challenge to produce an outstanding piece and if your piece is chosen the prizes are fantastic."

    • Full Engagement!

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    • Instant access to over 120 pro Photoshop tutorials!
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