The Shift Art 5 Day Photoshop Challenge Results!

We challenged Shift Art members to create a piece of Photoshop art based on five of our Base Camp tutorials. The entries could be near identical to the artwork in the tutorial, or anything inspired by it.

Below you’ll see all the wonderful images that were entered! For each of the five challenges we chose a random winner and awarded them a prize. You’ll find all the winners on this page.

We also present a gallery of editor’s pick images. These images were picked primarily for their very creative ideas and great execution of them. No prizes were given to this category (except perhaps bragging rights).

Editor’s Picks:

Challenge 1, based on Shadow Walker by Caroline Julia Moore

Winner by random drawing: Penny de Jong. Prize: $15 credit at Shift Art Shop!

Challenge 2, based on First Sun by Bunty Pundir

Winner by random drawing: Vivien Capper. Prize: $15 credit at Shift Art Shop!

Challenge 3, based on Ghost Woman by Jenny Le

Winner by random drawing: Peter Slupski. Prize: $15 credit at Shift Art Shop!

Challenge 4, based on Caribbean by Marco Escobedo

Winner by random drawing: Mireille Lannoo. Prize: $15 credit at Shift Art Shop!