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Now that you have your 7 tips on extractions, you might be interested in following up with the tutorials below. Both look at extractions and selections from different vantage points, but both have something important in common: challenging Photoshop extractions involving hair!

1. [Tutorial & Overview] Photoshop Select & Mask – Free:

Learn how to use the new Select & Mask workspace in the latest Photoshop CC! This new update to Photoshop has proven to be quite challenging when it comes to making accurate extractions with hair (or fur). Sure, the Adobe video showcasing this update makes it seem like a breeze, but outside of their well controlled example it can be quite a challenge! Watch Caroline Julia Moore tame the beast!

Title: Photoshop Select & Mask by Caroline Julia Moore | Published: August 1, 2016

One of the biggest changes in the latest Photoshop update is the release of the Select and Mask work space. The Select and Mask area has replaced Refine Edge in Photoshop CC 2015.5. In this tutorial, Caroline Julia Moore explores the new features and challenges the new tools to cope with some difficult selections.

2. [Tutorial] Extracting Models with Topaz Labs ReMask – Free:

Using a good Photoshop plugin can almost feel like cheating. The same can be said of any tool. The key is to learn to learn not just how to use a tool, but when to use it. I suggest you slay your next extraction with the Topaz Labs ReMask plugin!

Title: Extraction Fundamentals | Published: September 7, 2018
Title: Extracting Models with Topaz Labs ReMask | Published: July 18, 2016

Topaz Labs ReMask 5 makes light work of extracting images; even images with high demands on extraction. Watch as Caroline Julia Moore expertly uses this plugin to extract two difficult masking challenges: wild hair and semi-transparent material!

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