First Sun by Bunty Pundir

Watch how Bunty Pundir creates this amazing scene with a sunset created from scratch! This composite tutorial showcases a variety of lighting techniques, color refinement, and of course lots of blending tricks and tips. You’ll learn how to work on the background by combining three images and then adding the model. This tutorial includes the base images to create your own version of this artwork! Click here to preview this tutorial.

Fire Starter by Gail Edwards

In this amazing video tutorial Gail Edwards walks us through the process of creating a dramatic piece featuring a lightning sorceress. Learn how to use fractals and basic brushes to create a fireball, as well as how to really amp up the mood of an image with basic Photoshop tools. Main Photoshop adjustments and methods used: Fractal images in Overlay blend mode, painting elements to match and more. Click here to preview this tutorial.

Ghost Woman by Jenny Le

In this detailed 24 step written tutorial Jenny Le shows how to create a ghost figure out of a model image. You’ll learn how to use color to bring out the otherworldly mood, and how to alter the light to enhance the atmosphere. Photoshop adjustments and methods used: Curves, Color Balance, Hue/Saturation, Gradient Map & Masking. Click here to preview this tutorial.