Welcome to my Party!

Happy 50!

To celebrate my 50th year on Earth, I want to offer my TEN FAVORITE Summit Cycles for just $50!

This offer will only be available until the timer expires!

It was hard to pick just 10 favorites because so much work went into each one! But, here are my selections:

Master Matte Painting

In this Summit we take a close look at creating new custom backgrounds by blending images together! We cover what to consider when selecting images, and we go into blending with masks and blend modes. PLUS, watch the workshop with Matte Painting expert, Bunty Pundir!

Pro Lighting!

In this exciting Summit we look at all the major ways to light your subjects and backgrounds! From simple overlays, to more complex highlight painting we cover it all! Plus, watch our Workshop recording with Caroline Julia Moore.

The Robert Cornelius Method

Watch how Robert Cornelius creates his incredible style. Learn all the steps from beginning to final product. This Summit includes image assets for you to re-create Robert's piece, AND don't miss the incredible Workshop recording with a lesson from Robert Cornelius.

Master Curves

Curves. Probably the most powerful adjustment layer in all of Photoshop! In this series of videos we explore all the wonderful possibilities, starting with basic contrast, and ending with advanced concepts like correcting color cast and adjusting individual R, G, B curves.

Extraction Fundamentals

Extractions are essential for creating compositions or sky replacements. In this series of videos we cover all the main methods of extracting a subject from the background. We compare different methods and even a popular extraction plugin!

Pro Color Grading

In this exciting Summit you'll see how to use color to finish your pieces and create amazing moods and ambiance. Learn the combination of colors used in Hollywood action movies and learn WHY they use them.

Advanced Composites w/J. Hahn

By far one of our most exciting Summits! We bring together FIVE top Photoshop artists and challenge them to create compositions using the SAME starting elements. Check out their results and watch a video by each of them showing how they did it!

Special Effects 1: Image Styles

Ever wonder how to transform a portrait into pop-art, or a pencil sketch? You'll learn that along with some fun effects like the "glitch" effect and pseudo HDR. Plus, find out the origin of half-tone effects and how you can use it creatively in your art!

Special Effects 2: Lighting

This is really a continuation of our Lighting Summit as we look at cool special effects with light! Find out how to create fireflies, sparklers, lens flares, bokeh and more! PLUS, find out how to make a cool light orb for your model to hold!

Mythological Creatures

In this creative Summit we look at how to assemble fantasy creatures using a variety of techniques. Learn how Gail Edwards creates a mythical Sea Serpent and a fierce Vampire, how Caroline Julia Moore puts together a Dragon and a Banshee, and how Andrei assembles a rising Phoenix. Soon you'll be ready to create your own mythical creatures!

This Birthday Bundle will give you LIFETIME access to these TEN Summits, regardless of your membership level!

If you are currently a Summit member, these Summit cycles will remain on your account even if you decide to cancel your Summit membership in the future!

Grab my 10 favorite Summits for ONLY $50!