Introducing the Shift Art Mentoring Program

Dramatically improve your Photoshop art with the help of an expert!

With a one-on-one mentoring session you’ll gain unique insights into your work and learn the exact techniques you’ve been yearning to learn. You will minimize your learning curve and pick up new techniques and methods fast.

Move toward your artistic goals quickly

A one-on-one mentoring relationship is one of the best ways to learn. Getting undivided attention from a Photoshop artist with more experience, allows you to move toward your goals quickly and more efficiently.

  • Explore your passion for Photoshop art directly with an experienced Photoshop artist.
  • Fill in gaps in your knowledge to move towards your goals.
  • Immerse yourself with an expert for an hour to learn exactly what you need to learn!

Any skill level welcome!

Regardless of your skill level you can benefit immensely from interacting with a mentor.

At a beginner’s level you can rapidly get a grasp on essential concepts by seeing them live and explained by experts. As a more experienced level you will see fast improvements in your areas of interest by learning advanced concepts in the company of an expert.

A mentor will be able to help you assess your skills and together you can find areas in your skill set that you want to improve upon.

Introducing 1-on-1 mentoring sessions:

Shift Art has partnered with some of our past featured artists, making them available for individual mentoring sessions!

These Photoshop artists all have a solid background in Photoshop artistry as well as strong portfolios. They know what they are doing and are eager to propel you forward in your journey toward your artistic goals.

Meet your mentors!

Robert Cornelius

  • Featured artist on Shift Art, February 2016
  • Number of tutorials on Shift Art: 3 (plus numerous speed edits)
  • View Robert’s Shift Art Gallery

Robert’s attraction the world of fantasy began when he was a child in Ohio, spending hours doodling on the waitress pads in his parent’s pizza restaurant. That, coupled with time spent with his sister exploring the forest around his grandparent’s house, fueled his imagination and led to the incredible, fantastical work he produces today. He has always been compelled to create art, and was fortunate to begin learning Photoshop in high school. His job as a photographer puts him in the unique position of being able to create art using primarily his own photographs. He currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, Sara and his dog, Gilmour.


Clinton Lofthouse

  • Featured artist on Shift Art, February 2017
  • Number of tutorials on Shift Art: 2 (plus numerous speed edits)
  • View Clinton’s Shift Art Gallery

Monsters and ghouls, and Hockney… from a young age, Clinton Lofthouse has been inspired by horror movies, fine art, and everything in between. He takes in everything around him and transmutes it into polished, fantastical imagery. As a boy, he would draw grisly comics with pen and ink. In 2011 he took on photography, at which point he quickly realized he needed Photoshop to make the kinds of images he wanted to create. Self-taught through books and online video, his adage is to practice a half an hour every day to master Photoshop. In his spare time, he may grab his camera to add more images to his stock library, or perhaps explore the English landscapes that are steeped in such rich history.


Caroline Julia Moore

Caroline has been making art since childhood. Over the years, she has employed many types of media, including writing, ink drawing, painting, multimedia art, digital art and photography. Her unique perspective on the world developed further with a psychology degree at Goldsmiths University in 1991. For the next decade, she focused on neuropsychology and the study of language using functional imaging. Her fascination with neuropsychology influences are apparent in her artwork. She now lives in Dorset with her 3 children, and four cats. She has exhibited in several venues in West Dorset.


Why one-on-one?

  • Learning from a top artist in a one-one-one environment allows you to stay lazer focused on exactly what you want to learn.
  • You will gain unique insights about not only how your mentor works, but also into how you work!
  • You will enjoy a unique perspective from your mentor that you can incorporate into your own work.
  • If you decide on purchasing a mentoring package, you will have the added advantage of seeing your progress over time and being held accountable to your mentor to ensure continued improvements!

Focus on exactly what you want to learn!

You will be able to discuss the Photoshop topics of your choice. Whether you want help with a specific technique or a friendly push in the right direction, now you can!

Even if you are not sure where you want to focus your efforts, a mentor will be able to guide you towards goals that are in line with your skill level and goals.

Sessions are 50 minute one-on-one experiences with the artist of your choice. The sessions take place online with easy to use screen-sharing software, allowing you to share your open Photoshop files as well as look at the artist’s screen as needed.

To get started, pick your mentor below!