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Master Matte Painting

In this Summit we take a close look at creating new custom backgrounds by blending images together! We cover what to consider when selecting images, and we go into blending with masks and blend modes. PLUS, watch the workshop with Matte Painting expert, Bunty Pundir!

Pro Lighting!

In this exciting Summit we look at all the major ways to light your subjects and backgrounds! From simple overlays, to more complex highlight painting we cover it all! Plus, watch our Workshop recording with Caroline Julia Moore.

The Robert Cornelius Method

Watch how Robert Cornelius creates his incredible style. Learn all the steps from beginning to final product. This Summit includes image assets for you to re-create Robert's piece, AND don't miss the incredible Workshop recording with a lesson from Robert Cornelius.

Master Curves

Curves. Probably the most powerful adjustment layer in all of Photoshop! In this series of videos we explore all the wonderful possibilities, starting with basic contrast, and ending with advanced concepts like correcting color cast and adjusting individual R, G, B curves.

Painterly Effects 1: Overlays & Brushes

In this Summit we look at some cool ways to create painterly effects. Guest artist Vibeke A Johansen reveals her method for creating artistic sketches, and you'll see how to build up an oil paint effect with just overlays!

Painterly Effects 2: Brushes & Filters

In this second installment of Painterly Effects we focus on using brushes for creating effects: Mixer brush, art history brush, and even the smudge brush can all be used for some really amazing effects!

Creating Artistic Landscapes

There is MUCH more you can do with a landscape besides straightening the horizon and adjusting the contrast! How about telling a story by adding one small element, or adjusting and adding light to create the mood you want your viewer to feel? We cover it here!

Extraction Fundamentals

Extractions are essential for creating compositions or sky replacements. In this series of videos we cover all the main methods of extracting a subject from the background. We compare different methods and even a popular extraction plugin!

Master Brushes

There is so much more to brushed than soft mask blending! Learn the huge variety of brush controls and brush dynamics. Find creative brushes like grass and snow and HAIR. Plus, learn how to create your own custom brushes and how to organize them!

Pro Color Grading

In this exciting Summit you'll see how to use color to finish your pieces and create amazing moods and ambiance. Learn the combination of colors used in Hollywood action movies and learn WHY they use them.

Magical Finishing Touches

After spending enormous amounts of time and energy on extractions, lighting and composition, it's time to think about adding some finishing touches to your art! We spend time looking at adding atmospheric effects, adding custom vignettes and focusing attention with selective coloring and lighting.

Advanced Composites w/J. Hahn

By far one of our most exciting Summits! We bring together FIVE top Photoshop artists and challenge them to create compositions using the SAME starting elements. Check out their results and watch a video by each of them showing how they did it!

Creative Blur & Sharpening

You might be surprised at how much you can do with blurring and sharpening! You'll learn how to use a variety of Photoshop tools and a ton of fun applications, like artificial motion blur and selective sharpening for focus and special effects.

Special Effects 1: Image Styles

Ever wonder how to transform a portrait into pop-art, or a pencil sketch? You'll learn that along with some fun effects like the "glitch" effect and pseudo HDR. Plus, find out the origin of half-tone effects and how you can use it creatively in your art!

Special Effects 2: Lighting

This is really a continuation of our Lighting Summit as we look at cool special effects with light! Find out how to create fireflies, sparklers, lens flares, bokeh and more! PLUS, find out how to make a cool light orb for your model to hold!

Fantasy Portrait Effects

Have some fun with portraits! You'll learn to create amazing effects like skin cracks, gold skin and porcelain skin. Caroline will also show you how to create a conceptual portrait using Dodge & Burn. BONUS: how to create an exotic tiger woman!

Fun Photo Effects

Here we examine effects that simulate different cameras and dark-room exposure. Learn how to create high-key, low-key, Polaroid and LOMO effects. Also, see how cool bleach bypass, cross processing and vintage effects can be!

Plugins & Camera Raw

Our BIGGEST Summit to date with a whopping TWELVE videos covering a ton of FREE plugins for stock photos, fractals and textures. Caroline gives us a thorough look at the ins and outs of the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop! PLUS, a bonus video on using the Flame Painter plugin.

Creative Water Effects

This Summit is just pure fun! Find out how to blend in water splashes, adding rain, and reflections using displacement maps! We also take a deep dive and look at adding lighting and bubbles under the surface.

Mythological Creatures

In this creative Summit we look at how to assemble fantasy creatures using a variety of techniques. Learn how Gail Edwards creates a mythical Sea Serpent and a fierce Vampire, how Caroline Julia Moore puts together a Dragon and a Banshee, and how Andrei assembles a rising Phoenix. Soon you'll be ready to create your own mythical creatures!

Spooky Halloween Characters

In this Summit the instructors all challenged themselves to create some scary and fun images. Watch a two part video by Caroline Julia Moore, showing the advanced techniques she used to create Infection Zone. You'll also find two fun pieces by Gail Edwards, a ghostly image by Andrei Tallent, as well as Bonus Videos showing the use of Photoshop's various removal tools.

Imaginary Movie Posters

Learn to use a large number of techniques to create movie posters. You'll see how posters came together for a 40's Noir, a Western, a Sci-Fi film, a Martial Arts movie and a festive Holiday flick. Armed with lots of new techniques and ideas, you'll be on your way to create any style movie poster you can think of!

Holiday Cards

In this Summit we explore the world of creating and printing cards. Three Summit instructors show you different ways to create cards either in a series, or theme. You'll also find great tips on converting your files to printable JPG files to upload to your printer of choice!

Whimsical Art

In this Summit we take a whimsical approach to making art. There are many ways to approach this and a myriad of techniques to get you there. In these videos you'll find a big range of ideas and concepts by Gail, Caroline and Andrei. Learn from the videos and create your own whimsical projects!

The Filter Gallery

This month we have a close look at Photoshop's Filter Gallery. This native and free tool has a ton of options and huge potential to create amazing effects. In the videos you'll find a complete breakdown of available filters, a great video on usage, and a quick warning about image sizing as well.


In this fun Summit Cycle our instructors were challenged to make billboards for imaginary products. You'll find an in-depth two part tutorial by Caroline Julia Moore, two funny billboards by Gail Edwards, and a futuristic billboard project from Andrei Tallent.

Surreal Art

In this Summit we explore surreal art. Combining unexpected elements, dramatically altering scale, revealing something new, these are all found in the artwork in this Summit. We also take a full tour of some advanced Transform Tools such as perspective and puppet warp.

Creating Characters

In this Summit we explore building characters. Creating a new character in your artwork brings together many different skills and concepts. Caroline and I will show you a few concepts and ideas in the videos below. You are welcome to recreate our characters using the included resources, but we strongly encourage you to build your own unique characters!

Fantasy Portrait Effects 2

Portraits offer a huge variety of creative expression! In this Summit we explore fantasy portraits even further. Both Caroline and Bunty showcase some gorgeous images in the tutorials below. You are welcome to follow along using the included resources, but we highly recommend that you bring your own twists and creativity to your artwork!

Diptychs and Triptychs

In this Summit cycle we take a look at the unique elements involved in making diptychs and triptychs! You'll find amazing full triptych video tutorials by Caroline and Bethany. You'll also find two great process tutorials by Bunty and Caroline, showing how to split an image into three parts and frame them, and finally save your setting for future use!


In this Summit we'll look at "Frankensteining" model images. You'll learn how to combine limbs and body parts from multiple images of the same model. You'll also learn how to use the Puppet Warp tool and some other great techniques. There's some really fantastic tutorials here, so have fun with it!


In this fun Summit we are presenting an instructor challenge! Bunty, Bethany and Caroline were given the exact same starting images and asked to create a sci-fi image with a surreal twist. Below you'll find the amazing results in tutorial form! You'll be able to download the exact same starting images and we look forward to seeing all your creative work!

Tricks & Treats

Learn how to create spooky and creepy artwork in this month's summit cycle. From creepy treats & amazing tricks to spooky moods & ominous scenes all will be taught by our top instructors. First, learn some cool tricks with Bethany, then create some creepy artwork with Caroline Julia Moore, and in the end, read how Bunty creates a composition with lots of photo manipulation tips. 

Model Alterations

In this Summit we dive into some fun and very useful ways to modify model images for your artwork. You'll learn how to replace clothing, replace hair, and alter hair color. You'll also find a magnificent bonus video for creating hair using ParticleShop!

Reflecting on 2020 (and beyond)

Watch how Shift Art's instructors created artwork reflecting on 2020 as Andrei asked to reflect year 2020. Bethany created a multi-part image with complex perspective techniques, Caroline outdone herself with a gorgeous piece with interesting lighting and composite techniques, and Bunty created a composite with his signature style of lighting and color scheme.

White Winter (High Key)

For this Summit we look at different methods to create winter landscapes and portraits in your artwork. Bethany Perron explains the ins and outs of creating winter-like effects using High Key. You'll also find great artwork tutorials by Caroline, Bethany and Bunty.

Self Portraits

In this Summit we explore the many possibilities of making self portraits. Not only will you find excellent tutorials by both Caroline and Bethany, but you'll also see two overview videos with tons of tips and advice on how to take your own self portraits!

Low Key

In this Summit we take a look at making Low Key images. This set of videos is a great companion to Summit 36 where we covered High Key images. Make sure you watch the intro video by Bethany, and then dive in to the great tutorials by Bethany, Caroline and Bunty!


You will have a great arsenal of retouching tools by the end of this Summit! Caroline walks us through several methods of retouching, such as the different healing tools, dodging and burning, and Camera Raw. Bunty and Bethany tackle the process of frequency separation and demonstrate how powerful this technique is.

Creative Landscapes

Learn how to create incredible fantasy landscapes. Caroline takes us through a post-apocalyptic scene and with different color-grading options. Bethany shows you how to make your own original planets, plus does a walk-through of an alien planetscape. Bunty’s two-part tutorial is a masterclass in creating epic fantasy panoramas.

Creating Mood

This month’s Summit is all about mood! Do your images lack a certain punch or cohesiveness? How do they make you, and your viewers, feel? We tackle several different ways to develop a sense of mood in your work. Bethany covers using composition, cropping, and effects, plus a tutorial of a piece she created with various mood options.

Creating Story

In this Summit, we take a look at storytelling in our imagery. This is an extension of last month’s Summit on Creating Mood, only we’re taking it a step further by looking at how to deliberately create a narrative in your work. Bethany suggests some great questions you can ask yourself to define what you want to create, and how to get your story across to your audience.


This month’s Summit is all about typography! Learn all the basics of the type tool, including some pro tricks. Find fonts through Adobe Fonts and create your own artist signature! Have fun using text warp and special effects! Enjoy several walk-throughs showing some fresh ways to integrate typography into your artwork.

Color Theory

In this Summit, Bethany covers all the basics of color theory, how colors work together, and how they interact. Our instructors walk you through how to incorporate the main color harmonies into your artwork, like complimentary, analogous, triadic and more!

Creepy Hollow

We love all the dark and spooky Halloween possibilities here at Shift Art. Make your own headstone carving with Bethany. Caroline creates a creepy portrait, showing how to get different results by changing various elements. Bunty shows how to create a scarecrow with a glowing jack-o-lantern head! Prepare to get dark and creepy!

Autumn Inspiration

Inspired by the cozy lighting and colors of the season, we have lots of fun tutorials this month. Bethany makes some custom fall leaf brushes, plus a walk-through showing how to convert a summer image into autumn version. Caroline creates autumn-inspired lighting, as well as a fantastic three-part walk-through. Bunty creates another amazing fantasy landscapes with a beautiful fall sunset palette.

Better Extractions (Dec., 2021)

In this Summit, we’ll be touching on some more advanced methods of extracting your subjects, how to improve the selections once you have them, and even some ways to work around complicated extractions. You’ll learn how to use the pen tool, channel pulling, advanced blend modes, removing matting, replacing skies, and much more!

Instructor Challenge (Round-Robin)

In this Summit, we did an instructor challenge! We each challenged one of the other instructors to create an image with certain parameters that we chose. We made it difficult on purpose to really push each other out of our comfort zone! Hope you enjoy watching how we each handled our particular quest, and hope it inspires you to leap and try something different yourself!

Art Composition

In this Summit, we are taking a deep dive into composition. We’ll look at some examples of different composition techniques, some rules and how to break them, a few tools built into Photoshop to help you, and some fun walk-through tutorials demonstrating how we apply compositing our own artwork.

Photography for Composites

Bethany covers artistic and practical considerations for photography with compositing in mind. Caroline shares how she shoots for composites, using lens correction filters in Photoshop, working with perspective & vanishing point in Photoshop. Bunty takes an in-depth look at camera settings,ands special considerations for perspective, scale, and lighting.

Inspiration Twist

In this Summit, we challenged the instructors to create artwork based on the style of some of their favorite artists. We have a bunch of fun walk-through tutorials this month with a variety of styles including Pre-Raphaelites and Impressionists from Bethany, the sci-fi work of Jim Burns from Caroline, and the fantasy landscapes of Raphael Lacoste with Bunty.

Instructor Tips & Tricks

In this Summit, we are covering a whole panoply of tips and techniques that we use a lot to help personalize our Photoshop experience, work faster, and be more creative! Bethany covers using keyboard shortcuts and working with shortcuts in the layers panel. Caroline has videos covering the layer mask specifically, and the powerful black & white adjustment layer. Andrei has created a tutorial on setting up your personal workspace in the Photoshop environment. And Bunty is going to help speed up your workflow with actions! Tons of useful content in this Summit!

Fine Art Compositing

In this month’s Summit, we are looking at some definitions of Fine Art Compositing. What is it? How do you recognize it, and moreover, how do you acheive it? Whether you just want to play around or whether you are interested in bringing your work to gallery-level quality, we hope this Summit will help demystify fine art compositing. Jump in and enjoy!

Collage Style Compositing

Welcome to Summit 54! This month we’re working with collage or scrapbook-style compositing, trying to give the effect of layering ephemera in a 2D way, but digitally! Caroline will start us off with a video on how to find resources, then she has 3 amazing walk-through tutorials of various pieces she created. Bethany has videos for 2 very different collages she made, in one of which she specifically tried to achieve a trompe l’oeil effect. And Bunty has a walk-through of a lovely painterly layered piece for you. In addition, Caroline has provided a massive collection of digital content for you to get you started, so be sure to check the resource section! Hope you enjoy this Summit!

Movie Franchises: Getting The Looks

In this Summit, we challenged ourselves to create artwork based on the mood and feel of certain movie genres. This is a great way to find inspiration, and learning to break down how a movie achieves a certain look can be a fantastic tool in your toolbox! Caroline is going to cover movies like Maleficient and Sin City in her tutorials. Bethany tackled the superhero franchise and Blade Runner. And Bunty created a stunning piece based on Batman. We hope this month provides a new way of finding creative inspiration from the visual media you enjoy!

Creating Dragons

In this creative Summit, we are inventing our own dragons and then using them in some final artwork. Dragons are very popular right now, and we loved the idea of challenging ourselves to design dragons out of various other animal parts. Bethany has two walk-throughs of art pieces with fabricated dragons, plus an additional one showing how to transform an existing dragon from an adult to a baby. Caroline’s piece “Wild Fire” is a two-video tutorial on an extensive composite.

And Bunty also has an awesome two-part tutorial showing how he created a dragon and then incorporated it into a dramatic landscape. Even if you’re not a fan of dragons, we hope this Summit will open your creativity and inspire you to create original mythological or fantastical creatures to use in your work!

Myths & Legends

In this Summit we explore bringing our favorite myths and legends to life. Bethany shows how she created "Athena", the Greek Goddess of War, in an epic two-part tutorial. Bunty gives a detailed account of how he created his "Kraken", a mythological sea-monster of Norway and Greenland. Caroline presents the dazzling Greek Myth of "Pandora's Box" and her whimsical "Mermaid". There is much to learn here, so dive right in!

Quotes & Lines As Inspiration

In this Summit the goal was to use a favorite line or quote from a favorite book, poem, movie or song. You'll find some stunning pieces below, along with superb tutorials to go along with all of them! On each individual tutorial page, we've included some extra source material if you're interested in learning more.


In this Summit, we are celebrating winter and the holiday season! Caroline does a walk-through tutorial of a dramatic winter’s night, as well as an instructional video on making your own falling snow. Bethany shows how to create a lit-up effect for Christmas lights, first for colorful bulbs and then making a brush for dabbing white lights on a tree. She also has a video of a piece she made celebrating the winter solstice, which could be used for a holiday card or postcard. And Bunty walks us through a fantasy winter scene, filled with uplifting and colorful imagery. Jump in and get started!

Frames & Layer Styles

In this Summit, we are discussing dozens of ways to ramp up your images using frames and edge techniques! Caroline has a couple of hugely in-depth videos. The first covers a range of vignette styles, while the second shows some creative ways of combining frames and objects found on Pixabay to create fun and original frames for your work. Bethany’s first video looks at creating peer-through techniques, starting with some window images but moving on to some masking ideas that you can do right within Photoshop using nothing more than the shape tools.

In her second video, Bethany covers a few of the infinite things you can do to create fun edges with brushes. Bunty rounds off the Summit with an awesome walk-through of a fantasy piece demoonstrating how creative framing can elevate your work and push the viewer’s eye exactly where you want it. Have fun learning and experimenting with these techniques!

First Contact

In this Summit, we decided to have some fun with the science fiction concept of First Contact,when one alien race meets another. Sometimes this is a positive moment, like meeting new friends, or negative like annihilation. Often it’s a moment filled with uncertainty and tension.

Caroline’s first walkthrough describes the initial contact between a child and a strange creature and demonstrates some interesting glitch effects. Her second video is of a watery alien making
first contact with you, the viewer.

Bethany created a piece based on contact between a humanoid and an alien probe. She also provides a bonus video on making glass look transparent when working with stock images.

Bunty took a spin on the theme using two planets which seem about to crash into each other. We hope you enjoy this topic even if you are not a sci-fi fan and pick up some great tips along the way!

Double Exposures

In this Summit, we're exploring double exposures! Bethany starts us off with a video explaining double exposures and showing many examples and styles of working with this process. Then she has three short tutorials walking through the basics of a few styles. Caroline has several great walk-through videos exploring silhouettes and more abstract portraiture. Bunty has a great section on tips for double exposures, and an awesome tutorial on a glitchy double portrait effect. Have fun learning to combine your images in new ways!

Art Nouveau and Art Deco

Welcome to Summit 63! This month we are looking at the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Caroline will start us off with an introduction to these two styles, then has a walkthrough of an Art Nouveau piece. She follows this up with two videos showing how to use Adobe Capture to create vector-based line drawings and wallpapers with a Nouveau feel. Bethany has two walkthrough videos, one for each style with some poster effects. Bunty rounds out this summit with a great Art Deco poster of New York showcasing some cool techniques for achieving this look on any image. Enjoy learning how to create in these fun styles!

Time Travel

Welcome to Summit 64! This month we’re Time Traveling!

We decided to each create an artwork based around the idea of time travel and how to express the topic through different genres. Caroline did a 3-part video on her steampunk version, complete with trains and diver helmets! Bethany has a couple videos on how she created a fantasy time travel piece with dragons and dinosaurs. And Bunty walks you through a gorgeous sci-fi inspired scene with cityscapes and a Dr. Strange-like portal. Hope you enjoy this trip through time!

Reworking Old Artwork

In this summit we are discussing revisiting your older artwork, and why you might want to rework your previous pieces. In the first video, Bethany discusses some of the reasons behind going back and taking another look at artwork you did a few months or years ago. Then she dives into a breakdown of an original piece and the changes she made to create a more updated one.

In a two-part video, Caroline walks us through the significant changes she made to a piece from 2015, so that it fits her current style better.

Bunty’s tutorial covers a landscape piece that got a huge upgrade as his skills improved.

We had a lot of fun reworking these for you, and hope you get inspired to try revisiting some of your older artwork too!

Epic Westerns

Welcome to Summit 67!

In this Summit, we’re covering the theme of Epic Westerns. Our inspiration is the popular theme of western movies and shows, and we wanted to create a variety of looks based on that.

Caroline walks us through a piece she made with an American Southwest look, and then does a poster-style image of a woman that has a dreamy, prairie feel. Bethany’s first walkthrough video is a piece with a dramatic landscape where she crafted the lighting to look like early evening with a storm brewing. For the final video, Bethany creates a Wild West wanted poster.

We hope you have fun exploring this theme with us!

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Su Canton

Technique in itself is fine but putting it all together into one piece, one layer at a time without creating something that’s too busy or overworked was a challenge at times. Shift Art workshops have sorted out that for me, showing me several different artists work processes using the same techniques. The workshops are wonderful training sessions!


My biggest challenge was how to use the skills I had already acquired to make something I liked. I was already an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop…but having the skills doesn’t mean you know what to do with them! Shift Art has inspired me!


Watching the tutorials gave me (and still does) a wonderful understanding of how the many tools in PS can be so useful in producing an image which is much more artistic. For instance, I thought that the Curves adjustment layer was just a simple adjustment until I learned about the different colour channels and now I am amazed at how powerful & useful it is!

Larry Buckley

After learning extraction from a few of the pros, it has become much easier. Shift Art has helped not only with extractions but lighting, creative & localized adjustments and techniques such as dodge & burn as well as sharpening. These specialized modules take you much deeper than other courses … which helps producing a finished result.


I am finding it very valuable to learn from different instructors as each person has their own style. Your monthly Summit tutorials teach not only how to use the Photoshop tools, but also how the tools can be used creatively, how photography and images can be created into wonderful works of art above and beyond the initial photograph!


Creativeness is probably the most difficult thing to do. The artist at Shift Art are great. Showing the steps to create these awesome pieces really help get your imagination started. I am very inspired by the Artist on Shift Art!


Shift Art helped! By repeatedly watching the tutorials I was able to perform tasks with layers, blending modes, and final coloring.


… Shift Art totally changed my work. I found new tools and new ways to use old tools in a creative way. I have to pull myself away at times to get other stuff done…hahaha… Absolutely worth it for those who want to take their photography to another level. Thank you all so much !!!!


It has taken me awhile to get started, but here I am, and I am hooked! Summit is AWESOME. I looked up from my work to see that it is 5am and I have been at this all night. This is my first try at anything like this, and I am looking forward to doing magical things with my own photographs, as well as following along with the materials provided within the tutorials. I had no idea how magical this could be. Limitless!!! Thank you to the team that is Shift Art!


Seeing amazing works of art deconstructed in a way that is easy to understand encourages me to try new things. Getting a clear idea of the thought process the artist went through in creating the work helps me realize that it’s possible to take what I see in my minds eye and make it visible to others.


Every digital artist, whether seasoned or just getting started can learn something at Shift Art! The tutorials are first-rate and provide so many learning opportunities. Helpful hints and more can be found in the articles. The monthly challenges offer a way to spark your creativity. You can’t go wrong by becoming a member!


Shift Art is a wonderful place to be if you want to learn from some of the most talented digital artists in the industry. Amazing tutorials, lovely art posted daily by members, and an art challenge once a month to stretch your growth! I love being a member of this group!


I’m quite good at PS, but I still learn something every day. The tutorials are beautifully crafted . . . and having the text below is absolutely brilliant, because if you’ve forgotten some detail, you don’t have to run through the tutorial again – you can just skim down the text.

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