The ultimate introduction to making Photoshop art!

Disclaimer: So, I have to say right upfront that this is a totally biased review. It’s biased because I took this course many years ago and loved it. In fact, this course ended up not only teaching me all the fundamentals of Photoshop, but also led me to incorporate digital art into my life, and ultimately led me to create Shift Art.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it!

The Path to Photoshop Artist

Photoshop Artistry is designed to take you from relative Photoshop beginner with a rudimentary knowledge of a few techniques, to full fledged confident Photoshop user. And along the way you’ll discover how easy it is to start creating some incredible art.

Will this course teach you everything there is to know about Photoshop? No. But that’s the beauty of this course. It is laser focused on teaching you all the fundamental techniques needed to create art with your photographs. Sure, you’ll learn enough to be dangerous in any Photoshop project, but when it comes to art projects, you’ll be ready and confident!

Example Art Created By Photoshop Artistry Students:


Complete Photoshop Artistry and…

  • Feel confident using all the Photoshop tools needed to edit and manipulate images.
  • Understand how to harvest, organize, and resize your images, and even how to prepare to print your art.
  • Know exactly how layers work, and how to start using the power of layers in your work.
  • Have a deep understanding of blend modes, and how they can be used to create incredible effects.
  • Be able to use basic compositinal techniques to develop balance and impact in your art.

Photoshop Artistry alumni featured on Shift Art:

Many of our excellent artist instructors have started their artistic journey with Sebastian Michaels’ courses. Here is a short list of Photoshop Artistry alumni who have been featured or have contributed tutorials on Shift Art:

  • Caroline Julia Moore: An incredibly successful artist who not only was the very first Shift Art featured artist, but has contributed many excellent tutorials.
  • Gail Edwards: Artist extraordinaire who consistently creates gorgeous and approachable art with massive impact.
  • Catherine King: A force to be reckoned with when it comes to knowing the technical ins and out of Photoshop.
  • Julie Powell: Started out with a Shift Art challenge win, and ended up contributing several impressive tutorials.
  • JoAnn Wilmot: Incredibly talented artist with a refreshing and distinct painterly style.

A Few Shift Art Tutorials Created By Photoshop Artistry Alums:

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Photoshop Artistry Scoreboard:
  • Progression of course from basic concepts to more complex concepts
  • Instructor's knowledge of Photoshop
  • Instructor's ability to convey challenging ideas in easy to understand ways
  • Value of course and bonus content

Editor's Summary and Score:

This course will quickly increase your confidence with Photoshop. There is no better introduction to Photoshop art. Join one of the TOP Photoshop instructors in the world!

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