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What if you could confidently create a unique style for your images, using a proven and virtually fool-proof method?

Imagine being able to carefully craft your your images into amazing illustrations and portraits that pop!

Imagine the pride of showing off your work on social media and to your freinds!

This method is actually quite simple, but the steps to get there are very specific and each must be executed really well to achieve the overall effect.

There's all the prep work, setting up your desired highlight areas and specific contrast.

There's painting in light which is so important to guide the viewers attention.

Then there's adding the punch and pop with the high pass filter, run several times at just the right settings.

Enter The Robert Cornelius Method!

This incredible collection of videos will give you all the skills and tools you need to go forth and unleash your own masterpieces!

Learn the process and how to re-create it in your own work in easy to follow steps.

What's included with The Robert Cornelius Method?

You'll get six in-depth videos that will teach you how to create Roberts illustrative effect STEP BY STEP!

Introduction to Style in Art

Examples of Robert’s Illustrative Style

Watch this intro video to get a good feel for Robert's illustrative style and an overview of the process he uses to create it. This lesson is excellent prep for the very detail oriented and in-depth videos that follow!

Step 1: The Highlight/Shadow Adjustment

The first part of Robert's method is a prep phase leading to the main events of step two and three. However, it plays a crucial role in setting up the final effect and is definitely NOT to be skipped! Get ready for steps two and three.

Step 2: Painting Light Details

In this second video of the three part process, you'll see how much drama can be added with just some simple painting of light in just the right places. This is not only a great part of Robert's method, but also a technique you can use in any situation where you want to paint in light!

Step 3: The High Pass

To add the final touch, Robert uses the High Pass filter to accentuate and enhance the work he created in the previous steps. This sharpening technique has many other applications, but Robert's method is a perfect use for it!

Robert Cornelius’ Workflow

This complete workflow tutorial, created by Robert himself, shows how he creates an image from start to finish. This is really the MAIN EVENT in this whole Summit cycle. Watch the Master at work and learn what it takes to produce high quality artwork!

Challenges: Get your practice ideas here.

Resources: Links & Further Study

[Workshop] The Illustrative Style with Robert Cornelius

Enjoy this incredible workshop recording with special guest Robert Cornelius! Learn a bit about what makes him tick as an artist, and then watch as he works live on a unique portrait piece using his famous illustrative style!

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

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Su Canton

Technique in itself is fine but putting it all together into one piece, one layer at a time without creating something that’s too busy or overworked was a challenge at times. Shift Art workshops have sorted out that for me, showing me several different artists work processes using the same techniques. The workshops are wonderful training sessions!


My biggest challenge was how to use the skills I had already acquired to make something I liked. I was already an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop…but having the skills doesn’t mean you know what to do with them! Shift Art has inspired me!


Watching the tutorials gave me (and still does) a wonderful understanding of how the many tools in PS can be so useful in producing an image which is much more artistic. For instance, I thought that the Curves adjustment layer was just a simple adjustment until I learned about the different colour channels and now I am amazed at how powerful & useful it is!

Larry Buckley

After learning extraction from a few of the pros, it has become much easier. Shift Art has helped not only with extractions but lighting, creative & localized adjustments and techniques such as dodge & burn as well as sharpening. These specialized modules take you much deeper than other courses … which helps producing a finished result.


I am finding it very valuable to learn from different instructors as each person has their own style. Your monthly Summit tutorials teach not only how to use the Photoshop tools, but also how the tools can be used creatively, how photography and images can be created into wonderful works of art above and beyond the initial photograph!


Creativeness is probably the most difficult thing to do. The artist at Shift Art are great. Showing the steps to create these awesome pieces really help get your imagination started. I am very inspired by the Artist on Shift Art!


Shift Art helped! By repeatedly watching the tutorials I was able to perform tasks with layers, blending modes, and final coloring.


… Shift Art totally changed my work. I found new tools and new ways to use old tools in a creative way. I have to pull myself away at times to get other stuff done…hahaha… Absolutely worth it for those who want to take their photography to another level. Thank you all so much !!!!


It has taken me awhile to get started, but here I am, and I am hooked! Summit is AWESOME. I looked up from my work to see that it is 5am and I have been at this all night. This is my first try at anything like this, and I am looking forward to doing magical things with my own photographs, as well as following along with the materials provided within the tutorials. I had no idea how magical this could be. Limitless!!! Thank you to the team that is Shift Art!


Seeing amazing works of art deconstructed in a way that is easy to understand encourages me to try new things. Getting a clear idea of the thought process the artist went through in creating the work helps me realize that it’s possible to take what I see in my minds eye and make it visible to others.


Every digital artist, whether seasoned or just getting started can learn something at Shift Art! The tutorials are first-rate and provide so many learning opportunities. Helpful hints and more can be found in the articles. The monthly challenges offer a way to spark your creativity. You can’t go wrong by becoming a member!


Shift Art is a wonderful place to be if you want to learn from some of the most talented digital artists in the industry. Amazing tutorials, lovely art posted daily by members, and an art challenge once a month to stretch your growth! I love being a member of this group!


I’m quite good at PS, but I still learn something every day. The tutorials are beautifully crafted . . . and having the text below is absolutely brilliant, because if you’ve forgotten some detail, you don’t have to run through the tutorial again – you can just skim down the text.

BONUSES: The Robert Cornelius Method includes bonuses valued at $98.00!

RC Tutorial: Them!

RC Tutorial: Spell Binder

RC Tutorial: Theia

Practice model image download

RC Tutorial: Swimming Moonlight

Original Robert Cornelius practice image!

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