March, 2020 Photoshop Challenge Results!

The theme for this challenge was: Future Frontier!

The challenge this month was “Future Frontier”. This general theme sparked some amazingly creative ideas! Have a look at the entries below for some real inspiration. Congratulations to Deb Denton for taking home the top prize and huge thanks to everyone who participated!

Challenge Results:

With the generous help of judges Caroline Julia Moore and Gail Edwards, I am excited to share the results below!

Winning Entry: The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It by Deb Denton

Top Prize: A Shift Art Shop Creativity Pack of Choice!

First Runner up: Meaghan Pryor

Prize: She will receive a texture pack of her choice from Caroline’s Texture Collection on Shift Art Shop

The Traveller by Meaghan Pryor

Second Runner Up: Larry Buckley

Prize: He will each receive a texture pack of his choice from Caroline’s Texture Collection on Shift Art Shop

On The Other Side Of Time by Larry Buckley

Shift Art Challenge Sponsor for March, 2020!

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Big Thanks to everyone who participated in the Shift Art Challenge for March, 2020!