The results of the May 2017 Shift Art Photoshop Challenge are in!

For the second time in a row Bethany Perron entered a stunning winning entry! The runners up were not far behind with their excellent interpretations of the images provided.

The panel of judges was made up of the current featured artist, Oliver Wetter, past featured artist Caroline Julia Moore, and Shift Art founder, Andrei Tallent.

This month’s winner: Brianan by Bethany Perron!

First runner up: 

Low Lying Clouds by Jill Capper:

Second runners up (two-way tie, in alphabetical order of last name):

Savannah by Corinne Spring:

The Dance by Sheila Tennes:


Honorable Mentions in alphabetical order of last name: 

Shattered Life by Dianne Carey, Water Dancer by Cindy Charles, Abandoned But Not Forgotten by Julie Denning, High End Real Estate by Nancy Gandhi, Close Encounters by Claude Trew.

Also noticed in alphabetical order by last name:

Friends by Kim Benson, Tears For The World by Beverly Everson, The Escape by JS Tremaine.

Want to challenge yourself with the same set of images?

Click here to download the images and create your own artwork!

All Other Entries:

Big thanks to everyone who participated in the Shift Art Challenge for May, 2017!

(It may take a moment or two to load – there are a lot of entries!)