September 2021 Photoshop Challenge Results!

The theme for this challenge was: Pimp Your Ride!

The challenge this month was to create a fantastic mode of transportation. We certainly received a lot of wild rides! Take a look at all the creative entries below!

Congratulations to Dennis Windt for winning the challenge with her superb piece, “Hoverdrone Aerocar – Only Caractacus Will know”!

Also, special thanks to all the creative and talented artists who make this challenge a success every single month!

Challenge Results:

This challenge was judged by Caroline Julia Moore, Bethany Perron and Andrei Tallent.

Winning Entry: Hoverdrone Aerocar – Only Caractacus Will Know by Dennis Windt

Top Prize: An Individual Summit of Choice with Lifetime Access!

First Runners up: Meaghan Pryor & Rosa Perry

Prize: They each will receive a Lightroom Preset pack of choice from PSD Stack.

Modern Day Refurb by Meaghan Pryor

Pimp Classic Ride by Rosa Perry

Second Runner Up: Peggy Rushing

Prize: She will receive a Texture collection pack of her choice from CJM Texture Collection.

Balloon Express by Peggy Rushing

Honorable mentions:

Also noticed:

All Other Entries:

Big Thanks to everyone who participated in the Shift Art Challenge for September 2021.