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Clinton Lofthouse from Hacked Pixel is offering Shift Art members an exclusive pack of stock images! Some of the theme packs within this mega pack are not available anywhere else! Clinton’s photos are absolutely incredible. They are all taken on location in various parts of England and Welsh. Clinton is an accomplished photographer and Photoshop artist, and his photos are all taken with digital artists in mind. It’s a perfect collection for any artist!

You get:

  • 964 gorgeous stock photos!
  • 382 Bonus Urban Location Shots
  • Landscape, abbey, burial ground, castles, urban locations, and more images!
  • Full commercial licence!

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Create your next piece with one of these images today!

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Theme Packs Included with Collection:

Samples from Clinton Lofthouse Variety Pack 2:

Get ready for your next project!

  • Forget about searching for images on expensive stock sites! Access your own collection 24/7!
  • Create stunning and completely unique composites.
  • Your imagination is the only limit to what you can create!

Member Price $225, only $79!

Get instant access to all 964 stock files, plus 382 bonus images, and start using them today!

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Can I use the images in this bundle for art that I intend to sell?

Yes! All the images in this bundle come with a full commercial licence. You can use them in any artwork you wish!

Can I buy just a few of the stock images sets, and not the whole bundle?

Yes, of course. Just visit Clinton’s store on to pay full price. Just remember that this incredible collection is only available here on Shift Art!

What if I already have some of the images included in this bundle?

If you already have some of Clinton’s images, you know how awesome they are. Even if you have purchased or received a good collection of the images, this is still an incredible offer. Remember, this bundle has over 1,000 images! So, unless you already have a huge collection of Clinton’s stock images, you are getting a fantastic discount!

Clinton Lofthouse Variety Pack 2 Member Price $225, only $79!

Get instant access to all 964 files, and start using them in your art today!

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