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Photoshop Select & Mask
paree-erica-photoshop-tutorial-extraction-PreTut SS 6
Extract Fur & Feathers
Topaz ReMask Extractions
Channel Mask Extractions


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Tutorials included in bundle:

1. [Tutorial & Overview] Photoshop Select & Mask:

Learn how to use the new Select & Mask workspace in the latest Photoshop CC! This new update to Photoshop has proven to be quite challenging when it comes to making accurate extractions with hair (or fur). Sure, the Adobe video showcasing this update makes it seem like a breeze, but outside of their well controlled example it can be quite a challenge! Watch Caroline Julia Moore tame the beast!


2. [Tutorial] How to Extract Fur & Feathers by Paree Erica:

paree-erica-photoshop-tutorial-extraction-PreTut SS 6Learn how to use the smudge tool to get the results you are after! In this tutorial Parée Erica shows her method of extracting difficult subjects with feathers, and fur. This method can also be expanded to include short hair or other objects with short fringe, like torn fabric.


3. [Tutorial] Extracting Models with Topaz Labs ReMask:

Screenshot16Using a good Photoshop plugin can almost feel like cheating. The same can be said of any tool. The key is to learn not just how to use a tool, but when to use it. I suggest you slay your next extraction with the Topaz Labs ReMask plugin!


4. [Tutorial] Extraction with Channel Masks:

Screenshot10In this tutorial Caroline Julia Moore shows how to use channels to create a mask for extracting a model and placing her on a new background. Although extraction using channels works best under certain conditions, it is always good have as many tools as possible to choose from in your arsenal.


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