Enter the world of B&W Photo Artistry with Sebastian Michaels!

The Creative B&W Photo Artistry course will show you how to combine a newfound deep knowledge of black and white imagery, with all the Photoshop techniques and methods you already know and love.

By immersing yourself in this course, you’ll experience the excitement of pushing yourself to new levels, and you’ll start looking at your art from an entirely new perspective! You’ll experience a powerful transformation that will surely show itself in the art you create!

Examples of Art Created By Creative B&W Photo Artistry students:

With Sebastian’s Creative B&W Photo Artistry course you’ll not only learn all the basics of working in shades of gray, but you’ll gain an incredible confidence in your ability to make stunning black and white renditions of your art!

Once you graduate from Creative B&W Photo Artistry:

  • You’ll feel confident using all the techniques needed to work with only black, white and shades of gray!
  • You’ll have a deep understanding of how restricting your use of color affects the viewer, and how this can be used to create incredible impact in your art.
  • You’ll be using pro-level composition techniques to develop perfect balance and contrast in your art.

Yes, I’m ready for Creative B&W Photo Artistry!!

Creative B&W Photo Artistry Scoreboard:
  • Progression of course from basic concepts to more complex concepts
  • Instructor's knowledge of Photoshop
  • Instructor's knowledge of B&W artistry
  • Instructor's ability to convey challenging ideas in easy to understand ways
  • Value of course and bonus content

Editor's Summary and Score:

The Creative B&W Photo Artistry course provides a solid path to understanding how to create an outstanding piece of black and white art. From composition to lighting, you’ll find yourself well on your way to mastering B&W art.

Shift Art Members Rating: 5 (3 reviews)

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