Daz Studio Tip: Why You Should Customize Your Workspace!

The biggest benefit of a custom Daz Studio workspace is that it can support your unique workflow. Default workspace vs. custom workspace. You will probably change your workspace as you improve and get to know your own preferences.  For example, … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Q&A: Why isn’t my Victoria Generation item loading?

Answer: It may very well be the Poser version. First, when I download older materials that have both DAZ and Poser versions, I select all the Poser versions in the install manager and hide them (Right click > Hide > … continue reading.

Daz Studio Tip: How to pose fingers and props realistically

When you are posing your figures or props, check out pictures of live models. Look at the asymmetry, the body is never perfectly mirrored. Check the position of hands, including the fingers. Look at the relationship between the spine, shoulders, … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Q&A: Which Generation to buy in the Daz Studio 3D Shop?

So many choices and not enough money… the dilemma of what to buy in the Daz Studio Shop. “I recommend starting with a single generation, usually Genesis 3.” A bit of background… Genesis 3 and 8 both provide quality skin, … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Video: How to Control Prop Placement

Have you ever placed an item in a scene and can’t find it? Or do you want to place one prop or person near another? There is a simple way to do this. If I were to load a prop … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Best Rendering Settings for your Hardware!

Rendering… Where do you start? There is no quick and easy answer to this question. And there is no answer that will fit all hardware combinations out there. There is no ultimate formula to determine your best settings. Finding the … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Creating a Floor Plane on Which to Drape dForce Clothing

1. DForce garments will continue to drop until they meet a hard surface or the length of the garment is reached. Therefore, you need to add a surface plane for the fabric to drape against. The following will create a … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Equine Dreams – Loading and Posing the Figures and Sheetz

1. Load both the DAZ Horse 2 and Victoria 7 into the scene without moving either. You can use other Genesis 3 figures, but the Sheetz might have more poke through. (See Image 1) Add the mane, forelock, and tail … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: DAZ Contents

If you buy videos, Photoshop brushes, and other content that is not for use in DAZ Studio, it will still show up in the Install Manager. When you try to install it, you will get an error message that the … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: How to load Daz Products From Third-Party Vendors

I have had several people ask me if the different generation products are compatible. The answer is, “It depends.” The Install Manager will not install content bought from anyone but DAZ Studio. For those wishing to or have already bought … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Are Daz items compatible across generations?

The answer is, “It depends.” First the good news!  Victoria 4/Michael 4 (V4/M4) clothing can be adapted for Genesis 2 and Genesis 3 figures. This is accomplished using the Autofit feature in Daz Studio. The results vary, but mostly work. … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Using Skin Materials across Genders and Generations

Did you know that you can use one figures skin materials on any other figure in that same gender and generation? So if you want different skin tones or makeup, look to see what other characters offer. If you use … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Posing the Eyes on Daz Character

Many of the preset poses adjust the eyes. In my opinion, too often the eyes look as if they are crossed or one eye is “lazy.” I almost always reset the eyes and adjust the gaze with the Pose Controls … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Using Clothing From Different DAZ Generations

Here is a quick render of a G3 Female with G2 Male clothing and hair added using autofit. Four more images are added showing the process. The steps are: 1. Select the figure 2. Double click on the outfit piece … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: What are the Differences between Textures, Materials, and Shader Presets?

Texture can refer to a couple of things. It’s the jpg used to give the 3D product surface colors and textures when developing a new 3D model. The first image on the left is the completed product for the Heilong … continue reading.

How to find the Freebies on the Daz 3D Shop!

Let’s make it easy: Click here to see what’s free at the Daz 3D Shop today! (bookmark it!) Other ways: To see what free items are available in DAZ Studio, scroll down to just below the two rows of “What’s … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Breaking Down the Item Categories in a DAZ Render

I’ve labeled the categories for each item used in this image. Note that the suit and shoes are for Genesis 2 on a Genesis 3 figure. They worked beautifully. Find the figures used on the Daz 3D Shop here. And … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Combining Characters to Create a New One

You can create new characters simply by combining the ones you have in different percentages. Below are the original Genesis 8 character and a new character created by adjusting sliders. You can then add the skin from any character owned, … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Trick to Render one Area of Body

To render just one part of the body is a bit tedious as I’ve not found a way to hide all selected items. The key is to hide everything on the Scene tab one at a time except the part … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: How to Zero a Pose using Parameter Tab

Don’t like a pose or part of a pose you’ve created? Zero it without changing anything else you’ve done to the figure. You can zero a pose on the Parameters Tab or from the edit tab. To zero the whole … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Advantage of Rendering to a New Window

There are many good reasons to render to a new window rather than to a file. (Choose this option on the General Tab.) One of them is that you can change Progressive Render and Tone Mapping settings on the fly … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Learning Daz Studio and Using Tabs

First Tip: Learning something new is such an individual process. DAZ Studio will challenge even the fastest learner! It’s helpful to know how you learn best. If you like an overview first, then watch all the videos. Then go back … continue reading.

DAZ Studio Tip: Content Library vs Smart Content

There are 2 different content panes or tabs. The first is the Content Library. It lists all installed files in a typical hierarchy. Genesis, Genesis 2, Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 figures and content can be found under “people” in … continue reading.