Why you should customize your workspace!

The biggest benefit of a custom Daz Studio workspace is that it can support your unique workflow. Default workspace vs. custom workspace. You will probably change your workspace as you improve and get to know your own preferences.  For example, … continue reading.

Why isn’t my Victoria generation item loading?

Answer: It may very well be the Poser version. First, when I download older materials that have both DAZ and Poser versions, I select all the Poser versions in the install manager and hide them (Right click > Hide > … continue reading.

How to pose fingers and props realistically

When you are posing your figures or props, check out pictures of live models. Look at the asymmetry, the body is never perfectly mirrored. Check the position of hands, including the fingers. Look at the relationship between the spine, shoulders, … continue reading.

Q&A: Which generation to buy in the DAZ studio 3D shop?

So many choices and not enough money… the dilemma of what to buy in the Daz Studio Shop. “I recommend starting with a single generation, usually Genesis 3.” A bit of background… Genesis 3 and 8 both provide quality skin, … continue reading.

How to control prop placement

Have you ever placed an item in a scene and can’t find it? Or do you want to place one prop or person near another? There is a simple way to do this. If I were to load a prop … continue reading.